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Paul Marchildon 2

Paul Marchildon – Leisureologist, Events Industry Pioneer & Entrepreneur

Paul Marchildon founded one of Canada’s most innovative integrated marketing and communications companies – Atlantis Creative. Under his leadership the company developed an impressive clientele of pharmaceutical, manufacturing and financial services clients. Paul was instrumental in developing ground breaking marketing campaigns that set the bar as industry standards. Paul sold his company to  global marketing firm in 2006 and remained on in an advisor role until 2009.

After retiring Paul created his own consulting company that helps clients improve performance and productivity by embracing aspects of leisure in the workplace.  What if you could transform the way in which you perceive and engage in work-related activities so that they become enjoyable tasks to perform? Leisureology is the study of how leisure can be incorporated into everything we do in order to enhance any experience.

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steph photo

Stephanie Mizzi  – Radio Personality – Middays at Country 89 FM, Welland, Ontario

Listening to Stephanie Mizzi on the radio is like having a coffee with an old friend. Over a 12 year career in radio she has developed an infectous warm, friendly and authentic style which has garnered frends and fans in every location the Country 89 FM signal reaches.

Stephanie has the much sought after ability to speak with people not at them. This is an acquired skill that can only be developed through experience. The bulk of her radio experience has been with 91.7 Giant FM in Welland, Ontario. Recently she moved to their new sister station Country 89 FM.

Stephanie credits her husband and two small children for keeping her genuine and grounded. She has a straight forward success blue print –  don’t be afraid of taking risks, believe in yourself and love what you do.

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Charmaine Reid 1

Charmaine Reid – World Class Badminton Player, Canadian Olympian & Pan Am Games Gold Medalist

Charmaine Reid comes a from a ‘sports’ family. Both her father and uncle played professional hockey. Her parents operated Reid Sporting Goods store which was the go to place for all thing sports in Fort Erie, Ontario for many years.

Charmaine moved to Calgary after high school to be part of the Canadian National Badminton Team training program. Charmaine’s badminton career can be best described as a “Been There , Done That’ T-Shirt. She has competed and had success at every major badminton event in the world.

Here philosophy is simple – try your hardest and be the best you can be both on and off the court. Charmaine has recently developed a school program that exposes children to the sport of badminton, talks about the importance of having dreams and setting goals and encourages kids to be more physically active.

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Kim Rossi 1

Kim Rossi – Radio & TV Personality, Major Gifts Officer, One Foundation for Niagara Health System & Media Instructor at Niagara College

Kim Rossi’s exceptional 19 year media career has taken her full circle back to Niagara. She grew up in Niagara Falls and graduated from the Radio & Television Arts at Mohawk College in Hamilton. Her talent and drive took her to the biggest markets in Canada – Toronto and Montreal. By all accounts she had it all. But she walked away from a great paying radio gig because she felt burned out and that she could no longer give it her ‘authentic’ all.

Kim returned to her Niagara roots to explore other career options. She currently free lances for CHCH-TV and teaches part time in the Media Studies program at Niagara College. Her full time job is fundraising for the One Foundation for the Niagara Health System.

Kim’s insightful story is one of drive, passion, self awareness and personal authenticity.

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lucy Sanford cropped 2

Former Top Toronto Real Estate Agent, Niagara-Based EHS Wellness Expert and Advocate

Lucy Sanford was a very successful real estate agent in the Bloor West neighborhood of Toronto. A ‘Lucy  Sanford’ sign on your house was literally money in the bank. She had it all, money and success but the fast paced, city lifestyle was making her physically ill.

After many years she finally figured out her mystery illness – she had hyper sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies. Wireless devices like smart phones and tablets all emit electromagnetic frequencies. The explosion of cell towers and WiFi hotspots makes exposure to these signals impossible to avoid.

In 2010 Lucy left the big city and the big money and moved to Crystal Beach (Niagara) to recuperate. She has since become an expert on electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Her perspective about how she defines success has changed to focus less on materialistic goals and more on health, happiness and work-life balance.

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Vittoria Wikston

Vittoria Wikston – Events Industry Expert, Fitness Professional & Director of Business Development, Niagara Falls Tourism

There are movers and shakers and then there is Vittoria Wikston. Vittoria is the rare combination of passion, enthusiasm and execution. Not only is she a big picture ‘idea’ person she also has the uncanny ability to turn those ideas into action. It’s no surprise that she has enjoyed a very successful 30 year career in the events industry.

Vittoria is also a Fitness professional, certified spinning instructor and plays competitive volleyball and soccer. She is also an extreme trekker and has climbed to Mount Everest base camp and summited Pikes Peak, Mount Kilimanjaro and Manchu Picchu.

She has a no nonsense approach to success – know yourself, set good goals and work like hell to achieve them. Her A + B = C success formula is a motivating and outstanding piece of advice!

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